Can someone help this student?

Maybe someone can help this student:

Hello my name is Ria

I am doing a silversmithing and metalwork degree and I am
trying to find out about possible work experience with anybody
for about 4 weeks or a maximum time of 2 months. Does anyone
know of people that would not mind me coming around or places
that already have a system in place for such? Thanks for any
help you can give. You can contact me at

I am currently located in London but am willing to travel
pretty much anywhere. I have a visa for U.S.A. and I do not
need a work permit to work there because of my class of visa.

I am fairly competent using the following skills: welding,
soldering, casting and forge use. I also know raising, sinking
and many other methods of working copper, brass, guiding metal
and steel.

I have been trained for two years using all basic forms of
working with these materials. As of yet I have no jewelry
making skills but am interested to learn if anyone doesn’t
mind teaching.

I know this is quite broad but I am interested in learning
more about any of these aspects of metalwork. I would enjoy
working with people already in the trade.

Thank you for your useful comments so far.
Ria Millington