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Can pewter be pickled?

I am producing a pin in large quantities. The base metal pin back I
bought from Metallaliferous is made of pewter with a coat of lacquer.

After soldering the pewter pin back (to my sterling silver pin), can
I put the pewter pin back into the pickle? (i.e. Without triggering
an adverse chemical response of the kind caused by stainless steel).

Thanks for helping answer this technical question.


Pewter pin backs should not be soldered using silver solder. The
temperatures are too high. You must use some kind of low temperature
solder, like lead/tin. Also different fluxes and pickling solutions,
I believe. Better to use a silver or brass pin stem! It will be
harder and stronger.

Good luck! Amy

Hello Eve, No you can’t put pewter into silver pickle - In fact the
pickle for ferrous metals isn’t appropriate either. Better to use
brass or silver (make your own out of silver wire scraps!). You
could remove the pin back before repickling the piece and replace it
when you have completed subsequent operations…rer

The better method is to use Stay-Brite solder and a soldering iron.
Stay-Brite is lead free and melts at 450 F. Use a soldering iron on
100 degrees hotter and get on and off quickly. Use a broad solder
tip. Pewter melts really fast. I also would not use pin backs made
of silver. That is a waste of money. Use basic metal backs, i.e.
brass, nickle, etc. I repair costume jewelry for resale. I used to
teach basic electronic soldering. Contact me off line if you have any
more questions.

Veva Bailey