Can injection waxes be mixed in injector?

Hi All,
Being new to casting, I purchased a small amount of one brand of aqua injection wax to try. However I later received a larger amount of another brand of aqua wax. Am I able to add this to the wax left in the tank, or do I need to clean it all out and start from scratch?
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Hi Elizabeth

I have never cleaned my injector. Just run it low on wax and add next load.


Thank you, Franz

I am going to add the new brand to the old. I can’t see why it would mess anything up

Personally, I don’t believe in mixing waxes. Different melting temps. flow properties, flexibility etc.
Sure, you can mix whatever you want, just like mixing investment investment -
you can mix it like pancake batter and get usable results most of the time. If you mix by the book you’ll be able to diagnose any problems. Same with the injection wax. When you have problems pulling waxes you’ll know if it’s a wax problem. BTW - you should have a dial thermometer with a long probe in your wax pot at all times and make sure that you’re in the proper temperature range for the wax you’re using.

Thank you.
I did mix. They were both aqua waxes. It actually improved the injections notably. I wouldn’t dare mix colors, properties, applicable uses. Which begs the question about how to clean out and add new? Let it cool and then remove?
I don’t know about probes with temp gauges, but my injector is equipped with a digital temp readout that seems pretty reliable.
Thanks again and best to you

Dear All,

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Yes, you can mix any type of injection wax with any other type. The results will be somewhat predictable but also sometimes totally unpredictable. No harm in trying.
The comment about never cleaning out a wax injector is troubling.This is asking for trouble sooner or later.

Gunk will inevitably accumulate at the bottom of the pot and flow into the nozzle valve and then into the mold.

Cleaning out a pot is easy - pour out what you can, wipe out as much of the remainder as you can with paper towels and then fill the pot part way with ordinary paraffin wax-- you can you canning wax sold along with Ball jars at hardware stores.

Then pressurize the pot and flush the paraffin through the system. If you see a lot of gunk, repeat as necessary. A pipe cleaner works well for cleaning out the nozzle if that’s necessary.

Michael Knight


Thanks for the info