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Can I buy a finer sprayer?

Hello Orchid Friends - This may be a little late but our enameling
group has also had the discussion of needing a fine sprayer. Many
find that most sprayers spit larger droplets along with the spray.
There is a 2 part sprayer that I’m sure can be purchased from
Thompson Enamels in Kentucky. It consists of a liquid holding
chamber and an aerosol can.

Others have found that olive oil sprayers from gourmet or kitchen
departments work nicely. Since they are made to spray a thicker
liquid they do quite nicely on the thinner liquids. I believe they
work with a manual pump / pressure reserve.

Orchid Rules! Karla Maxwell in Sunny So. California

What you are looking for is an “Air Brush.” There are many the best
will need a small compressor for constant pressure and repeatable
results. A simple Google search or a local art supply store will get
you started.

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
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