Can I be proud?

I’ve taught just a few classes. BUT this summer I have what I would
call a full time apprentice. I made her work in copper last summer,
which this summer she didn’t want to work. She is a bit of an
overachiever and wanted to jump straight into the Russian Filigree
work. I figured she would have a hard time and not accomplish much. I
was wrong. Even when the little filigree wires would ping across the
room, she didn’t give up. She has sold one necklace and two pairs of
earrings so far. I’m adding a picture of her necklace she made.
Excuse the poor photography, but I had to take the picture quick
while she was in the bathroom.

Jessica is not an unpaid apprentice. She works for me at the
Shakespeare Festival. I pay her about $12 an hour. On off times I
teach her how to work with metals/silver smithing.

Age the old

She is indeed very fortunate to be in your studio, get to learn AND
be paid. I am envious of her youthful zeal and energy.

Sounds marvelous! And she’s lucky to have someone like you to help
her out.

It’s a beautiful piece!



WOW. She is a talented apprentice! Lucky you.
Best, MA

You should be more than proud. I love teaching the next generation
skills they need. Even if you think they are not ready, some times
they will surprise you. Great job, Jessica and you too Agnes.

Yes, you are doing a good thing. Jessica is lucky.