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Can bronze be rolled (or forged)?

I know what many will say, so called base metals are no good for a number of reasons. I research everything extensively and am aware of every possible problem with them including tarnishing. One thing I have gotten mixed messages about is whether or not bronze can be rolled. I am talking about ancient bronze, 90% copper and 10% tin. I am aware this is hard and springy stuff hence why it was used for swords for thousands of years. I am wondering whether it can be rolled through a rolling mill. I have read that the “face entered cubic structure” is lost past around 6% tin according to Brephol. I am also aware that 20% tin variants are terribly brittle and assume that one with 10% tin won’t be particularly ductile either. I have ordered some and it was super cheap compared to silver so I’ll definitely like that aspect of the material! I would like to know what your thoughts and experiences are working with the stuff, or whether I should “dilute” the tin content by adding copper. If I go that route I assume I should have no more than 6% tin for Maximum ductility, correct?


Why don’t you just try rolling some? Your questions will be answered…

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Your right and I will when the order comes in. As I have a tendency to overthink everything, I thought no harm in seeing what everyone’s experiences are with this alloy.

I have had good luck forging bronze, but I use one that is 92% copper and 8% tin. I would try working with what you have and see how it goes.

of course it can! both! there are many types of bronze so you may want to try a few and see which one responds better for you.

Actually, I tried rolling the 10% tin alloy and it wasn’t very ductile. At all. Cracked even after 2 or 3 passes through the rolling mill and careful annealing. I tried an alloy of 96% copper 4% tin and that rolled very nicely indeed. As did alloys of 92% copper, 4% zinc and 4% tin and 88% copper, 7% zinc and 5% tin. Thanks :grinning:

Are you hot forging? Or cold forging? Or both? Bronzes should responded pretty well to both. Brass (pretty much bronze with zinc) will have a greater tendency to crystallize if not carefully annealed and will work harden much more rapidly.

If you are buying standard alloys you should be able to find a matrix for deformation/malleability/ductility that will tell you the tolerance for compression, elongation and how much force required to move it.

Silicon bronze is beautiful and tarnish resistant and can be hot or cold forged but it is not very responsive when cold forged. It will wear you out.

I am cold rolling. Do you know where I can purchase silicon bronze grain?