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Can anyone help me? - Wrist Cuff

Hi everyone I am currently working on a design for a wrist cuff. It
will be formed from 1.5mm thick Sterling Silver and will be about
30mm wide. The idea is that the form will be flat (not raised);
hammer finished, and will have a large stone bezel set in the
middle/top of the cuff. Does anyone have any tips for wearability, or
to make the cuff a bit springy so that it is easier to get on and
off? The prototype is a bit uncomfortable and doesn’t give much when
fitted to the wrist, it tends to be loose and due to its overall
weight it has a tendency to want to fall off! I also wasn’t sure
exactly about the overall length, so made it 150mm long, giving what
I thought was a reasonable gap (about 30mm) to slide the wrist in. Any
help or guidance would be very welcome. Thanks in advance. Mark
Vardy - Thinking, scratching my head, but happy in
North Staffordshire, England…