Camping size propane

This may be a silly question but I live in an apartment so I’m really concerned with propane leaking but is the camping size propane tanks safer as far as leakage risk then an large one?

Any leakage will likely be from your hose, torch and regulator connections. If the tank had a leak, it would be empty by the time you got it. I use 1 lb. “camp stove” propane cylinders exclusively. The only leakage that I have encountered was when the thin gasket between the tank and tank valve for my EZ Torch fell off and I didn’t know it. All that being said, it is a good idea to regularly check all connections for tightness and soapy water for leaks…Rob

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In addition to the other advice you’ve received, if you are concerned about leaks look into getting a gas / carbon monoxide detector like the Kidde FireX Plug-In Carbon Monoxide, Propane, Natural and Explosive Gas Detector.

Do a web search on propane gas detector, read some reviews.

I use another brand which works but does not have a battery backup. Battery backup is desirable in the event you unplug the detector to use that outlet for something else and forget to plug the detector back in again. Ask me how I know.

Neil A