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Camping mats as elbows cushion


Hello all,

I just bought two (blue) camping mats at Walmart for $5.88 each.
They are a "waterproof " plastic foam kind of thing and come in a
roll from the camping department. The idea is to cut them into
smaller pieces and put them on benches or table where we rest our
arms or elbows as a cushion. Cheap and seemingly easy to do. It may
be flammable so it is probably best to avoid the torch or other
flames but it seems like it might help the ergonomics of other areas
without hurting the wallet.

John Dyer


I have found that a computer keyboard wrist support works really well
when I am doing chain maille projects. I discovered that the best
arrangement was to put the support where my right forearm rests…but
not to put one under my left forearm. I am right handed and this
arrangement raises my right hand just a bit above the left which is
perfect for closing metal rings. The other good thing about a
computer support piece is that it has a non-slip surface on the
underside so it stays in place when I am working.

Pat Klein