Camera and lighting advice

Hi i am looking to upgrade my fujifilm 1.5 mega pixel digital camera
as i am not getting the standard of shots i require from it. mainly
i want it for taking pictures of silver jewellery that will then be
shown on my website, and will be used in conjunction with a cloud
dome that i’ve just purchased. but i will also want to use the
photographs for pr and marketing purposes, so it needs to have good
print quality too. i have a budget of =A3450 pounds sterling, which
i guess is approx $600 us dollars.

what are your suggestions/recommendations? also i am having
problems with lighting my cloud dome - i’m using a couple of
anglepoise lamps with daylight bulbs, but can only get the blue type
here in the uk. is there anything else i should consider that
doesn’t cost too much?

many thanks for your help, best wishes

sally in bristol, uk where spring is on our doorstep, with crocus’
and daffodils are flowering - hooorah!!!

Sally, I have been very pleased with my Nikon Cool Pix 950 ( now way
out of date). The key for me was the long list of accessories that
are available. There are lens filters for every type of light,
effects filters, telephoto and closeup attachments and even a slide
copier. 2.ll -million pixel CCD(which is small be todays standards)
seems to be enough for everything I do and more then enough for web
pictures. The camera also lets you set the white setting so you can
use any color light. Its automatic white balance works very well and
only takes a single click to correct any problems in Photo Shop
Elements. My 2 cents worth, Bill

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