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Hi all,

As part of my web site, I’m putting together a set of links to
custom and/or hobbyist gem faceters. If you’d like to be
included, please email me back. I like to write a short
description of each person I list, so please send me as much of
the following info as you wish:

web site url:
email address:
snail mail address & phone:
how long you have been faceting:
favorite materials:
least favorite materials:
will you cut for money:
will you take a trade of rough (or whatever)
in exchange for cutting:
have you won any contests, awards, prizes:
are you a guild member:
favorite machine:
anything else you want to add:

The listing is free. While I would certainly appreciate a
reciprocal link, it is not necessary.

I make no promises that you will become rich or famous, just
that you will be listed. But, I’ve had close to 500 hits in
less than 2 weeks, and either am or will soon be listed on all
the major search engines, so what have you got to lose?

If you want to see what the listings look like, just follow the
link to my page (below) and check out the “Links” section.


Tom LaRussa

p.s. If you are a guild member, or have friends who are
faceters too, please tell them about it.