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[Call for Submissions] Cranbrook International Symposium

Contemporary Connections:
An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Identity
at Cranbrook Academy of Art

Deadline for Submissions: November 30, 2010

Contemporary Connections is a project of the Student Studio Council

Cranbrook Academy of Art. On January 28 -29, 2011, the Academy will
host the two-day Interdisciplinary Symposium on Identity from the
perspective of psychology, economics, environmental studies,
anthropology, philosophy, sociology, art, and art history.

The subject of identity is of interest to many students working on
their Master’s of Fine Art and Architecture degrees at Cranbrook
Academy of Art, regardless of the media, discipline, or department
in which they are enrolled. The Contemporary Connections Symposium is
designed to create a broad discussion from many points of view - both
inside and outside the world of art.

Current graduate students enrolled in programs across the United
States and abroad are invited to submit proposals on the subject of
identity as it relates to contemporary society and your own

To be considered as a keynote speaker, please submit a 200-word
abstract of your presentation and current research as well as CV
including your name, telephone number, and email address.

Deadline for Submissions: November 30, 2010
Send all proposals via email to: