[Call for images] Mokume-gane, Niobium, Titanium?

Hello friends: We are putting together a photo collection and want
to make you a part of it! Email a jpeg (300 dpi) of your favorite
finished piece(s), featuring niobium, titanium, mokume-gane, PNP
Blue, (anything you buy from us) to us at [michele at reactivemetals
dot com]; include a detailed description of the materials used

We would like to use the photos during SNAG,…at trade shows,
online, etc and can’t wait to share your talent with others. You will
of course receive full credit for your work–if you’d like us to put
your website or email along with your work, let us know when you send
the pics.

Truthfully, we are just really curious to see all the beautiful
things you make with our stuff!! Let’s see it!

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc