[Call for Entries] Golden Opportunity

An opportortunity for artists and metalsmiths - from Christina
Miller of Ethical Metalsmiths.

Golden Opportunity: A global collaboration to understand gold

Consider gold. It is a symbol of love, a measure of wealth and
accessory to power. It is an element of nature infused with a history
of desire. It is aura, allure and agent of catastrophe. Gold. Think
about it.

Golden Opportunity is a virtual exhibition that will open with a
digital projection and reception held in association with the Society
of North American Goldsmiths conference in Chicago, after which the
exhibition will be online at http://www.EthicalMetalsmiths.org for
approximately six months. Golden Opportunity will also be presented
as part of the Association for Contemporary Jewelry conference, Carry
the Can, in July 2006, in London, England.

To participate, make something in any material about the many
meanings of gold. Then make a digital document of your project, fill
out the on-line form and submit it with your image attached. No
entry fee required.

The full prospectus, participation guidelines and exhibition details
are available online at http://www.EthicalMetalsmiths.org. Click on
the “Golden Opportunity” frame on the left-hand coolumn of the home

Entries must be received by May 1, 2006.
Email questions to art@EthicalMetalsmiths.org