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[Call for Entries] Couture Jewelry Award and Sale

Dear Orchidians, I have been a member of Orchid for many years, but
this is my first post. I would like to thank all of you for all the
valuable support and you give not only myself but other
jewelers around the globe.

I am posting today because it is my honor to invte you all to apply
for a new award: The Couture Jewelry Award and Sale. You can learn
more about this award on

And, you can apply on

I founded this award because I have spent years applying for awards,
like many of you and often ended up scratching my head, wondering
about the judging process. I felt and feel strongly that a prize for
artistic merit alone - one that is not connected to a corporation,
one that is scholarly, is needed.

So, to create the award, I gathered funds for a cash prize and show,
had a medal sculpted, and recruited 7 prominent art historians and
museum curators from all over the US to jury this prize. I invite
you all to put your best of the best forward. It is my dream that we
raise the bar on craft and offer folks a place to shine and exhibit
their artistry.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thank you,

Suz Andreasen

Ten Days Left to Apply!

The call for entries for the Couture Awards - is open to all and
accepting applications on until August 2nd, 2007.

This prize was founded in the spirit of the pursuit of excellence.
Sponsored by Hoover and Strong, the winners will receive a cash
prize, a gift certificate to Hoover and Strong, an online gallery of
their work (permanently on exhibition on the website), a gold medal,
and a small party at the Pratt Mansion in New York on December 8,

The show will feature 40 of the best jewelry artisans from around
the world.

For more please visit:

Or you may contact me at:

All the best,
Suz Andreasen