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Call for enamel color slides - forthcoming book

Lilyan Bachrach is authoring an all color, enlarged edition of
Enameling with Professionals for Schiffer Publishing Ltd. The
working title of the book is “Contemporary Enamels : Jewelry, Art,

Enamelists are asked to send about 6 slides with a color slide of
themselves either at work at their kiln or workbench or just a
facial slide…the facial slide could be a good 4"x6" color print.
The slides should be numbered in pencil at the bottom, their full
name at the top and an up arrow. She will then recode them as the
publisher needs them with blk felt pen. It would be helpful to have
the slides in the archival 3 hole loose leaf slide page. It has a
white band under each slide pocket for her to label and you to put
your full name at the top.

Also needed is Caption 8 1/2x11" page with a wide left hand margin
for a 3 hole notebook punch. Head the caption sheet with your full
name, address, telephone # and your email address if you have one.
For each slide list: It’s #, title if it has one, the object, the
technique, the materials, the size. Also list the photographer if
you require.

Enclose with the slide sheet and the caption page a self addressed,
stamped envelope if you wish the slides returned to you when the
publisher is through with them.

My address is
Lilyan Bachrach
4 Rosslare Dr.,
Worcester, MA 01602 USA
email: @lilyan_bachrach.