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Call for casters

All, I have a need for some rather simple shapes to be cast for use as
components in a new line under consideration. metal to be sterling,
14k, and possibly 10k yellow.(18k maybe if successful) Good detail of
surface texture is important. Original part is steel. Need a mold
made, waxes molded and then cast. Any casters out there interested? If
so, contact me off list. Thanks,

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 669-7075

Mark I am a caster and would be glad to make a mold then cast it in
whatever material you need. You can do it by sending me the metal, or
I can supply the metal. I can also make a mold of the original. My
price would be $65.00 to make the mold and $50 each additional
piece(minimum of three). This quote is just for labor. You will
probably find someone much cheaper, but this is what I for a living.
Let me know if I can help
Berry’s Jewelry —