California dreamin'

Dear Orchidland,

Some of you already know what’s going on with me. I am currently in
a temporary house-sitting situation as a result of separating from my
partner of many years. I don’t want to leave California (at least not
yet) for a variety of reasons, some of which are actually jewelry

My dream is to find a house that I can “caretake” for the off
season–if I don’t have to pay rent for a few months, I can probably
make it without a day job and spend a lot of time working on and
marketing my jewelry. I also could use some time staring at the
Pacific, or a few redwoods.

I know most of you aren’t the kind of people who own summer homes on
the California coast, but you may have relatives or clients in that
category. I won’t be storing propane or dangerous chemicals–I’m
doing wire and PMC and a little butane. The only way I could “move
up” technically is if I find a place near e.g. the Mendocino Art
Center, where they let the locals use the jewelry studio in the
winter. And, yes, Mendocino is my preference–Cheryl Rydmark, Susan
Wood, Jima Abbott, and lots of other wonderful jewelers there–and
galleries with work by people like Barbara Heinrich and Michael Good.
It feeds my soul in a thousand ways.

So, I’m putting it out there. Who knows? Miracles do happen.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
still in Benicia, CA


keep asking around, you may find just what you need. my huband and i
found a wonderful couple who needed housesitters for three months a
few years ago. we found them through my brother in law, but had put
the word out there with many, many people.

if you have references or a resume of previous housesitting work,
that will help you as well.

but just put the word out there with as many people as you can.

good luck!

Jocelyn Broyles
Costa Rica ph(011 506) 376.6417
U.S. fax (253) 669.1679