Calibrated Gemstone Delivery Methods?

Suggestions needed for manufacturers preferred packaging method
of delivering lots of 5 and 10,000 faceted gemstones below 6mm.
Someone told me of a heat or vacuum method seen at Tucson using
plastic sheets, allowing for protection and visibility…sounds
quite practical. Does anyone know where to purchase this

Happy Holiday Greetings to All
J. Kimball

j. kimball - who is going to ‘liberate’ each & every one of those
5,000 to 10,000 less than 6mm little beauties from those 5,000
to 10,000 individual little vacuum formed plastic pockets at
journey’s and? and individual pockets they must be, for while it
would take a harder mineral to scratch or break stones, like
material will chip facets on other like material - as those of
us who cut our own stones know. ive