Calibrate Rolling

Hello Laura, Lift out the handle you use to adjust the rollers. Turn each
of the two gears down by hand until the two rolling mills are touching.
Apply as close as possible the same force to each. Replace the handle back
into position. Open the rollers a bit. Try them. If the metal still curves
when you make it thinner, remove the handle again and loosen the gear on
the long side of your metal. Just do this a tooth or two and replace the
handle. This is fine tuning the rollers and they will soon work properly.
Good luck. Tom Arnold

You can also use a spark plug gapping tool to set the rollers. They are
thin calibrated pieces of steel used for the tiny space in adjusting spark
plugs. Any automotive store has them and they are inexpensive. I keep a
set handy for my eager “adults”.
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