Calculating ratios

The other two methods I would use aRe:

A. 1. Pour the water into the paper cup, mark it. Replace with RTV or

  1. Weigh it ( in this case 115 g.), Divide by 10 (ten). This gives
    you 11.5 g.

  2. Pour out 11.5 g of RTV from the cup. (into another cup on your
    scale) you now have nine parts fluid.

  3. Now add hardener or catalyst to fill up back to the mark.

B. If you don’t have a way to weigh then:

  1. Pour your water into a graduated or other cylinder (straight

  2. Measure height , divide by 10.

  3. Measure and mark the bottom 1/10 (or the top 1/10). You know the

Will Estavillo,