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CAD - Using Rhino to program 3D modeling

CAD Craft (using Rhino to extend the hand and brain)

Workshop with Phil Renato on 3D modeling

November 14 & 15, 2016

St. Petersburg, Florida

See details and registration at

The fundamental creative skill is research. In some cases, about form, in
some cases about material and process, in some cases about
site/fit/function, and in still other cases about concept. This workshop
will focus on learning about and acquiring basic 3D modeling skills in
Rhino as a catalyst for individual research and practice beyond the

On day one - all basic 3D modeling terminology and interface mechanics will
be covered, followed by an extended session of designing various band rings

  • things that are similar to symmetric lathe turning and asymmetric milling
    machine wax patterns. These drawing and -revolve- functions will be covered
    multiple times in multiple ways. Each participant will design approximately
    12 rings. The best of these from each participant will be chosen and
    printed on the 3D printer we will have on site. Homework will include
    sketching original 3 stone rings using synthetic round and princess cut
    stones that will be on site.

On day two - any tune up demos from the previous days will be performed in
order to answer any questions on basic band design and critical craft
skills related to Rhino will be reinforced. The homework sketches will be
the basis for a number of bezel, half bezel, and prong design demos, which
will be followed by extended in class work time and additional demos as
necessary. Rings will be checked and improved as critique, and final
designs will be rendered, exported as STL files, and uploaded to Shapeways
to be ordered in wax or metal. Sources for additional learning will be
covered in depth.

Supply List: Software for either Mac ($100) or PC ($200).

2 days of class for only: $325 if paid by check. FSG members: $275

Jean Marie DeSpiegler
Executive Director
Florida Society of Goldsmiths