CAD Software Demos at JCK?


I need to buy CAD software, and I am looking for a package called
3design (guys accross the street use it, looks great). Any idea if
it is demonstrated at JCK show? Thanks.

Bill Lausten,

Hi, Bill

Yes 3design’s booth in Las Vegas show is 62610, ETS, Room Galileo.

I posted this before - you can download a 2 week demo license from
the 3design website. You download the program (get the full version),
and they send you an e-mail with a link for a two week license - a
rep WILL call you - nice guy. I don’t know about JCK, but he did
mention doing the shows in general.

3Design CAD @ Las Vegas, check the Stuller booth they should be
present there. Kamal Bounouara is there head sales rep. based in
Atlanta. I just purchased the software approx 1 month ago after
seeing them at MJSA in NYC in March.

Good Luck!

I need to buy CAD software, and I am looking for a package called
3design (guys accross the street use it, looks great). Any idea if
it is demonstrated at JCK show?

This is too easy… just go to their website and arrange to download
a trial version to play with for 30 days.

I dunno though, I’m leaning toward gemvision after looking around
for about a year.

Michael Babinski
Foxfire Jewelers

Hello Bill,

I am looking for a package called 3design (guys accross the street
use it, looks great). Any idea if it is demonstrated at JCK show? 

Yes, 3Design will be demonstrated at the JCK Show at Booth #62610
located in the ETS (Equipment, Technology & Services Supplies)
Pavilion. Room Galileo (3rd room from the main entrance).

We will have live demonstrations of 3Design all day and we look
forward to meeting you there.

Cyril Saelens
3Design West Coast Representative
Los Angeles office (Tel: 213-624-6321)

Hi guys,

Let me tell you somthing here: I walked around the ETS room to look
at CAD packages, and it really looked like 3Design was leading the
show down there. Saw it at Stuller with Kamal, at Progress Tool with
Cyril and on the corporate Vision numeric booth. I’ve seen lots of
demos of everything, so just wanted to let you know that I ended up
buying 2 packages of 3Design. This is to me the hottest CAD package
at the JCK. I am looking forward to the training now.


Hey William,

I recently purchased 3Design after the NYC MJSA show in March. Kamal
was very helpful and since I live in Atlanta, training was very
convenient. I will be interested to know how it goes for you and if
you are coming to Atlanta for training please get in touch with me. I
will be happy to show you my studio and what we are doing.

As impressive as many packages are 3Design being the most impressive
I saw as well, there is still a learning curve. Even when sales
people tell you will be making pieces the first day after training
there will be stumbling blocks. The 3 features that most intrude me
about the software were the parametric tree, the draft kit, and the
possibilities of a virtual inventory. With the cost to produce goods
being able to create the rendering via CAD gives our clients a great
3-DS image as a sales tool and your creativity is not bound by the
budget to actually fabricate the design.

As great as the papametric tree is in concept, in the beginning when
you are learning, you may find searching the tree to find errors etc.
complicated and frustrating. Our experience so far in the beginning,
is we perform many more steps than needed be because you are learning
how to think in the 3-d and finding the best application to achieve
your design, as well as breaking down your design to simple forms and
volumes in order to build it. It takes some time to get use to! The
biggest thing we have learned so far is to continually check your
part with the part doctor as you go, so it will be easier to find
your errors. Even though they say it will not allow you to make a bad
STL file that is not completely true. It may not tell you until you
think you are finished and then you have to back track, this can be
very frustrating and time consuming. Or sometimes even your rendering
looks fine but when you convert it to an STL, you will find issues,
(that would mill or RPT if you sent them to the mill) and you have to
back track.

I have rambled enough but I look forward to keeping in touch with
you and hope as the 3Design community grows we will be able to help
each other share what we have learned and to help Vision Numeric
continually improve their software. All in all I think the software
is amazing and the potential is almost limitless! We are looking
forward to our future w/ 3Design as our CAD software.

Thanks for listening
Dawn Muscio
D.Muscio Designs Inc.
Atlanta, GA