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Cad packages

Hello All

As we work the kinks out I have appreciated all your feedback and
suggestions. At this point we want to present some other package
options for input. Package 1-Software and manual $850 package
2-Software, 2 day training at our facility, manual, 2 wax models $2000
Package 3-Software, 2 day training at your facility, manual, 2 wax
models $4000 Obviously the more students the greater ability we have to
cut your cost. Regardless of this package we can offer wax models
separately as part of our usual services.

Any thoughts?
M2 Systems
14 Finance Drive
Danbury, CT 06810

I would prefer option 2. Where I got the software had a couple of
weeks to play with it and then took a training course. This is
because I have found that play alone doesn’t work and training without
prior play doesn’t stick for me.