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CAD Design - Calculating weight

We are making design in CAD and would like to calculate the weight
of the pieces. Can anyone help us with the density of 18K, 14K,
platinum, silver? Thanks. Martin.


The below weights are for one square inch of material one thousandth
thick.calculated in ounces for platinum, silver and yellow gold.
Green and Rose golds will have slightly different weights, as will 5%

18 kt..008211
14 kt .006885
Platinum .(pure) .011301
10% iridio platinum .011349
Fine silver .005525
Sterling .005457


The grams per cubic MM in:

18k Yellow - 0.0155849
18K White - 0.0146378
14k Yellow - 0.0130681
14k White - 0.0126069
PT 95/5 IR - 0.0214954
PT 90/10 IR - 0.0215410
Ag. 925 Sterling  - 0.0103577
Ag. 999 Fine Silver - 0.0104867

Sara Grinnell
Studio C Designs

Your software should calculate your volume. One Cubic Centimeter
(CC) of water weighs one gram. From there it is just a matter of
multiplying by the specific gravity of the metal that you wish to
work with arrive at a final weight.

silver = 10
14k = 13.5
18k = 15
platinum = 21

Specific gravities are listed in numerous references including a few

Brain DiNola from JBD Studio has an add-on for Rhino that calculater
all metals and stone weights that should be on the market within the
next month or so. He can be reached at 215-493-1300 or through Rhino