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CAD/CAM to cut mother of pearl

All, I have a friend who builds beautiful mandolins. He cuts out
mother of pearl in the shape of his signature and inlays it in the
head stock. He is looking for a way to cut them out some other way
other than by hand. Possibly cad/cam? Some one tried laser cutting
but it burned the mother of pearl.

Regards J Morley/Goldsmith/Laserwelding

Milling (cad/cam) is the preferred method of cutting MOP intricate
inlay. There is on the web. As a guitar enthusiast, I’ve
done a little research into guitar makers looking for my next guitar,
and have read write ups of the process. We even have one well known
guitar maker in the Rhino newsgroup, John Suhr, who uses cad/cam to
make his guitars.

Jeffrey Everett