CAD/CAM software tutorials

does anyone know what happened to jewelspace 3? A friend of mine is
teaching me Jewelspace, Rhino and Vissual Mills, as well as 4 axis
milling. Im finding it hard to learn these to begin with, but the
lack of any real or tutorials from Jewelspace is making
it much harder. My friend has everything they had, but apparently it
looks like they just stopped everything in 2001? are they still in
business. Even on the training video cover it says that there are
many more training videos to come in the series my friend paid for,
but apparently they never produced the rest of them.

Any good places to find info on Rhino 3d or Visual Mills would be
greatly appreciated too.



Try this link

We tried to use this software and gave up. I have been using Autocad
since release 9 and know a couple of other cad software but for the
life of me could not figure this one out. We played around with
JewelCad and I could make a basic within 20 mins of going through the
tutorial. We are looking to go with the Rhino software.


This is a very simple little article I just wrote up about the
process of going from Rhino to a CNC Milled Wax:

Not so much a tutorial as an explanation of the overall process

Nicholas Carter and Felice Luftschein

You might want to get in touch with Randy Hays who was one of the
main folks with JewelSpace when it came out and then turned it over
to Dan Gendron who had his daughter Sarah doing support.

I understand that Randy Hays is now an outside sales rep (reseller)
for Model Master. Contact Randy and he may be able to tell you what’s
current with the program.

Good luck-


I heard Mr Hayes didnt do anything with his creation Jewelspace
anymore as a contract he had with Truespace, the program jewelspace
is based on, was bought out from underneith him by a past friend.
Dont know how true that is, but thats just what i heard.

I still believe that Randy Hays may be able to direct you to someone
who can help you with learning the software. He knows the program

I do not beleive he dame up with the idea for Truespace. My
understanding was that he and others were working with Roman the
owner of Caligari on marketing the product to the jewelry business
which never really took off.

Also there was a fellow in Canada, Michael Drechsler @ who was into jewelspace prior to Randy- He may be
able to help direct you to teachers as well.

It’s not a bad thing to learn a lot of the 3d programs if you have
the time. However if you are limited on time and plan to use it for
making jewelry you may want to explore another software that had a a
great reputation for support and documentation such as Matrix by Gem
Vision. Their support is second to none.

Good luck.


Is there any 3d software that specifically works for making class
ring waxes.

Just another beautiful day, thankyou God.


Is there any 3d software that specifically works for making class,
ring waxes.

Matrix has a class ring builder that will allow a novice to turn out
a class ring with very little effort. they also have a pull back
builder for doing the sides that allows you to match the curve of the
class ring with any text or emblems that you want to put on the
sides. The job bags allow you to save each element of the project so
that you can go back and change something or edit or make changes. I
just used it to beat out Balfour for a local High School Soccer State
championship team. I can turn out class rings that are as good as
theirs with very little effort.



Is there any 3d software that specifically works for making class,
ring waxes. 

Check the 3Design software &

Typically for class rings, the main goal is personalization because
usually, you have one design on which you want to apply different
emblems, engravings to make it an unique model. Of course, you don’t
want to have to re-create each ring from scratch but you want to be
able to create one simple model and edit it infinitely according to
school name, student name and sport or activity. So the CAD Software
has to have a high flexibility.

And that’s where PARAMETRIC construction is unbeatable. “Parametric”
means that every step of the model is automatically saved in a
construction tree during the design process and can be edited at
anytime. This tree is always saved with the file itself so whether
you want to modify the model tomorrow or in 6 months, you will always
have the access to the complete model history.

With Parametric construction, no need to use Undo/redo or to save
your model at different steps during the design process, the
parametric software does it for you. So when you want to modify the
engraving text for example, just type a different name and the
software will recalculate automatically the next design steps and
will give you the new model completed with the new text. Same thing
with finger size for example.

Parametric modelers are commonly found in high-end engineering
software. Today, 3DESIGN SOFTWARE is the only parametric software
specifically developed for the jewelry industry. A trial version is
also available on the website.

If you want to contact me directly, you can call me at 213-624-6321
or by email