CAD/CAM Outsourcing costs

I am considering getting just Matrix3d and the Zevo mill in a few
months, would anyone have some thoughts or cost, better yet
companies that do that portion of work in CAM? I would like to weigh
out cost for sending it out to have done vs. extra money on a lease
that would be going to the machine.


Britten,This got a bit long :slight_smile: but there is soo much more… That is
just what My thoughts were 3 months ago…If you haven’t bought
yet… SIT at the interface of each potential program and make a
piece (the same piece) that is typical of your business. Yes, I did
say SIT!!! Pay for the basic training for the top pick or picks if
necessary.Expensive? Not if you get the right fit for your needs. Buy
the wrong one and THAT is expensive!!! Cost is not just in the first
check written. You are buying the company here, training, support,
learning curve, drawing time, etc… That is where the real costs
lay, this is supposed to be a tool right?It is wwway to easy to get
caught up in a “Good show”!!! I love Matrix. It works really well for
the way my mind wraps around this stuff. Some say its JUST rhino.
Maybe not that different a few years ago but, Gemvision built a ton
of macros( instead of commands we use sliders) that really speed
things up and they have tons of their own code written now. It really
is way more than just Rhino. Support is super, I have never waited
more than a couple of hours for help. I have even spoken to one of
the “programmers” twice… the best part is, he was just "answering"
the help line.The forums are invaluable. I spend. hours learning from
others experiences and retaining my hairline:) Most of all they
really have invested a huge amount of time streemlining / simplifying
the design experience. A huge new release is in stage 2 WIP. It is
really cool!!! Go see their gallery!!! That’s not even any of the new
stuff!!! As for the output(models) side I am waiting to get a bit
more volume before deciding to go mill (REVO) or for a growing or
printing machine. Each has its own strengths other than dollars. For
different pieces I send files to different people. A few cast for me
and with enough lead time can finish as far as I want them to. To
start with I leased software only at $25-$85 each for most models
figure I will need 3 a week to make the dollars work but there is
that part of me that wants to play with the models too. If you want
more info, just ask