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[Cad/Cam] Metal molds

Hi there,

This is Jim from JewelTech out here in the Seattle area. Metal molds
are a whole different world. Aluminum isn’t the easiest to work
with. For jewelry, I’ve found that Magnesium works very well. The
thing to remember when cutting metal molds, is FULL spindle speed and
SLOW your Plunge and Feed Rates way down. The other thing to
remember, is that you will need different cutters than what you use
for butterboard and wax. MSC is a good place to buy roughing bits.
Antares and “Bits and Bits” are good places to purchase your smaller
specialized cutters. I’m sure there are lots of others also, but this
is where I get mine from and they are all nice enjoyable people to
work with. Hope this helps answers some of your questions and if you
have any more get a hold of me off post at my