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Cad/cam metal molds (flat pieces)

Can anyone out there lend me some advice on cutting metal molds(flat
pieces) on a cad/cam device. I have been working with
butterboard(model board) and hard green wax, but I have decided to
move up to metal for finer detail. If anyone can offer advice it
would be greatly appreciated. @Scott_Isaacs1

Scott, With the new software & hardware now available, cutting
aluminum molds for plastic injection is a daily happening. If you will
send me your snail mail address, I’ll send on our training
classes to ensure your success. If you have any questions please call
561-795-4100. Jack Van Dell CAD-CAM Educators, Inc

I know you can get expert advice on CAD/CAM metal molds from David at

Good luck.

Aloha, Just to set the record straight. Jack Vandell (DBA as Cad Cam
Educators) was a customer (end user) of and trained by Model Master.
David Blair was an employee of Model Master, he no longer works there
(go figure) and now works for Vandell’s (DBA as Cad Cam Educators).
Don’t you think it makes more sense to go to the source, Model
Master. We have more CAD/CAM systems placed and successful, worldwide
than any Jewelry specific CAD/CAM provider in the world. If you go
with hype or price, you get what you pay for. As they say, If the
price is too good to be true, it probably is. My personal two cents
and had to be said.

Best Regards,
Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking Technologies