CAD CAM & Las Vegas

Dear All, I would love to talk CAD CAM with anyone next week. I need
some help with creative designs from creative people. I will be
demonstrating CAD CAM ring making in the Technology Center with Rio
Grande next week in Las Vegas. Stop by and get a free wax. I’ll bring
some samples. I am also showing a new mold process that will inject
the finest high pressure detailed wax patterns possible. I have made
some models that are granulated designs. The wax injection looks
exactly like the original. I like to call it production granulation.
I have rings and earrings with the look of granulation but from
castings. Why spend tons of time making one piece that may sit for
months? That piece can now be a model. It’s the same thing with
enameling. Hope to see everyone soon.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson