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As a “brief” answer to a previous post I read a few days ago on the
forum, there is indeed a jewelry CAD-CAM software that works
directly on MAC computers (Intel or G5 processor) and it is called
3Design Software. When I say that it works on MAC, I mean it works
DIRECTLY on MAC without any other software running on the background
that makes it believe that it is a Windows PC. I know that from a
fact because I am the 3Design distributor for the US West Coast and I
have plenty of customers already running 3Design everyday on their
MAC computers.

Why is 3Design the only CAD-CAM jewelry specific software working on
MAC? Because it is developed in JAVA language that is a
multi-platform language used directly by both PC and MAC (even LINUX
if you are wondering).

There are probably generic CAD-CAM software, animation software,
architectural or engineering software that can operate directly
under MAC. You can probably even design nice jewelry pieces with a
software that is designed to make cars but what’s the point? Why
would you want to reinvent the wheel?

Jewelry CAD-CAM software have specific functions BUILT-IN like pave,
channel, bezel, prongs settings, cluster rings and more… They have
libraries of shanks, stones and are designed with jewelry modeling,
ring sizing in mind. Training is focused towards jewelry designing.

I don’t think that a company that manufactures mechanical parts
would even look one second at a CAD software that is not specialized
for its applications. So why should jewelry be different? Does it
make sense to try to push a software to make something it wasn’t
designed to do in the first place especially when there are existing
solutions for this application?

Trying to save money may be the reason behind it…But what about
time? Time is money right?

And if you add in the equation the time spent to reinvent the wheel
instead of using an existing CAD-CAM solution with proven and
successful track records in the jewelry industry then you will find
out that it will probably cost you a lot of more at the end.
Especially when you consider that CAD-CAM designing is a long-term
involvement. You are not going to go from one software to an other
every 6 months and learn from the beginning every time. You want to
start learning and become proficient with one software (2 maximum if
you are really into CAD-CAM) and keep on using it for the next 5-7
years at least.

If you need more about 3Design Software. Please feel free
to contact me

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