CAD/CAM - FAQ - now symetrical opposites

    Scott or anyone,, I have hundreds of things i made that i
would like to have symmetrical opposites(rough) of,, CAM must be
great for making or roughing symmetrical opposites of 2 or 3d
carvings or objects, for earrings,, yes?? I could see that saving
alot of time.(FTC ALERT) 

This method doesn’t use CAD-CAM, but works well for me. When I need
equal opposites I first make a block of wax with one face just big
enough to accommodate the profile of the design, twice as thick as
the finished pieces plus the thickness of my saw kerf. The block
needs to be square and true in all directions so that when you cut
the profile it is the same front to back. I then saw through the
middle horizontally, flip the bottom piece over, and viola! mirror
images. All that’s left is carving the contours.

Spike Cornelius
Portland, Or.
RC ArtMetal