CAD/CAM - Experiemce with RhinoGold

Hi all,

It’s time to bubble this topic back up to the top. In the 04/09
posting, asking for input on RhinoGold vs. Matrix, there were two
votes for RhinoGold, two votes for Matrix; the rep for 3Design piped
up, and several people said to use a sketch pad.

I have no previous experience with design software. I used the
RhinoGold 30-day trial and found it full-featured and easy to use,
capable of doing designs done with (much) more expensive programs.

So, just before pulling the trigger and getting this package:

I’d like to ask is this - has anyone purchased RhinoGold, learned
it, and subsequently been disappointed?


I too am considering the same package. Just downloaded the 30 day
trial, and am impressed so far. While it looks like the other 2
candidates (for me anyway) have a lot of bells and whistles, this
might just do the job for me now at a much lower price.

Has anyone out there started this route and then upgraded to Matrix?

Hi Rebecca,

As a beta tester for both Rhino and Matrix, I have an
opinion…but there are some very important considerations for
the user that may not be obvious in the beginning.

First, understand that Matrix is a plug-in for Rhino. If you learn
Rhino or Rhino Gold you will have all the tools necessary to migrate
to Matrix. The biggest difference betwen Matrix and Rhino is that
Matrix incorporate s “Builders”, automeated scripts which can
accelerate the build of the CAD model dramatically.

I can build a simple domed ring in Rhino in about fifteen minutes,
but I can do the same iece in Matrix is 45 seconds or less, and then
make limit less variations of that piece in only a few keystrokes.
But it comes at a price. First there are the dollars for the intial
outlay, the dollars and time for the training and the cost of the
time necessary to become proficient…a few months of constant
work, at least. Then add in the cost of yearly licensing/support
fees and the inevitable “updates”, some of which have been quite
buggy on release.

Rhino Gold, as you have apparently learned has a flatter learning
curve and there is a FREE worldwide group of users, just as there is
with Rhino.

Remember, this is not a casual decision. SOMEONE in your
organization will e tasked with using these tools and it is a full
time job, not something a hands-on owner can easily incorporate into
an already hectic schedule.

Hint: Train two or more people, one of them being YOU!

IMO, Rhino Gold is an excellent bridge between Rhino and Matrix and
may be all you ever need. Matrix has become a more mature software
and it becomes increasingly hard to add more features that are
actually benficial, while Rhino Gold is not only still “maturing”,
it’s doing so with knowledge gained from where others have gone

But, to answer your question, yes, it’s easy to move to Matrix from
Rhino Gold IF you find you really need to.

Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter

Just got an email from Rino Jewel. Apparently there’s a new version
out that is worth checking into. Below is the web address given in
the email.

I like Matrix, but the price is intimidating. I don’t have any
experience with CAD/CAM, but would love be adept in this process.
Seems the learning curve is a bit long, that is if you’re as slow as
I am. But, perhaps the result is worth the effort, even for me. I
appreciate this thread, I think it might go a long way in helping us
decide which product to purchase. It’s pretty obvious that each has
its pro’s and con’s. But any advice is appreciated.

Rgds…Ski & Cathy
Rocks to Gems

I have over 9 years experience in CAD/CAM. I started out with
version 2 of Rhino and graduated to Matrix version 1. I also have
some experience with ArtCam, ZBrush, and have tried all other sorts
of CAD softwares.

I have downloaded and played with the copy of RhinoGold, read the
tutorials, watched the movies, etc. It is a very powerful program,
and will get you a long way down the road toward where you need to
be. You can accomplish a LOT with this program. Matrix has a lot of
automated builders and some conveniences built into it that basic
Rhino does not have. It is faster and easier to work with, but I know
experienced users who can really type commands into the command line
of basic Rhino and really make it hummmmmm.

If I had to give up Matrix, RhinoGold is what I would be using as a