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Cad/Cam even more

I am a goldsmith in Nashville and I have been working with cad/cam
now for two years. I have put countless hours into learning how to
work with graphic design programs and making models of the pieces that
I produce. The cad/cam industry has been around for a while, but it
wasn’t until recently that the technology has trickled down to the
average jeweler. My most profitable line is inital rings and
pendants. Chinesse nameplates are amazing. I have made ten times my
investment and with time I have learned the limitations for my
machine. The reason I am posting this is to maybe get some ideas and
pass along techniques on how to use this technology to its fullest.
Now I have read posting about people that hate their setup and
complain about how difficult it is to get started. Well those people
can chime in too but I really only want responces from people that are
making money. Model Master will get you started but you will control
your own destiny. Scott Isaacs Cad/cam designer Berry’s Jewelry-downtown
Nashville @Scott_Isaacs1