Cad-Cam design needed

Dear Orchidians, I would like help from someone to design a
proto-type mandrel to be made in steel. I have had no experience in
doing this, I need to know how to take the computer generated design
to a machine shop and have it produced. Please E-mail me off line.
Thanks in Advance, Richard Hart

Well Rich, I would love to answer your questions, but it would be
nice if you gave us an email address to email you offline at. Aside
from being a custom jeweler, I spend my days as a Design/Project
Engineer for the cosmetics packaging world. I routinely create part
prints to be sent to toolmakers and machine shops for Quotation and
creation in steel, plastic, aluminum and brass. Let me know what
knowledge you need.


I need a steel mandrel approx. 10 to 12 inches long, tapered from
the smallest possible size, 3.5mm or smaller to 12mm. I can send a
cross section of the shape I need, or a gemstone. It basically is a
square with rounded corners, a cushion cut square shape if you are
familiar with that gem cut. The mandrels in existance that shape
start out too big. Thanks, Richard Hart @Jewelers_Gallery