CAD/CAM 3d printer

Hi all, Anyone can help me with info to where I can send my 3d cad
design to be made by a 3d modeling printer? Thanks a lot Brian

I have been using DPT-Fast for SLA models. This is cheap and usually
will serve my purposes. There is quite a bit of pixelation, but if
used at the right times has bee very good for me.

I am having a moodel done today by M2 systems. They use Sanders
machines which provide better resolution but are much more expensive
and are wax true wax models. In addition, they have a new German
made machine which provides extremely good resolution in acrylic and
ring models are being done for$100.

bruce Bruce D. Holmgrain JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

I can whole-heartily recommend M2-systems

Sue Ann Dorman

I’ve sent CAD files to A.M. Ross & Sons and they’ve created very high
quality wax models for me using a wax block milling process rather
than a 3D printer. I found it to have far superior results that the
3D printer technology. They’ve been very helpful, quick turn-around,
at a great value. Here’s their contact info:

A.M. Ross & Sons/ SONARCO 411 Cottman St. Jenkintown, PA 19046 215/
884-1757 Good Luck!

p. 800.991.7674 * f. 310.216.7674

Probably the best work being done in wax RP for jewelry presently is
at Staffords Diamonds. Ask for John Jr.
(937) 436-2852

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