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DeDe, Rita et al:

I am starting up as a custom cutter, have been thinkng mainly of
faceted stoned, but I have a good cabbing setup and a variety of
rough — what kind of cabs are you looking for, and what kind of
prices? Bear in mind these would be well cut, symmetrical stones
with a high polish. Interested in any pricing info and info
about what is selling. Thanks. You can Email me at
@Jess4203 to keep the list on topic.

hi jess can you make cabs with a horse carved on it or do a
stone in the shape of a horse head??? let me know i sell stones
and rough thanks sam


Thanks for responding about the cabs. I don’t do carving, but
if a horse’s profile would satisfy you, I would think it might be
possible for me. Remember, i use cabbing equipment (8" wheels),
so I am somewhat limited to right angle inside angles or
thereabouts. I could possibly set up some spare equipment to cut
acute angles if there were a lot of pieces to do. Let me know if
you have an outline of what you would want. It would be easier
to tell that way.