Has anyone ever cut cabs on a faceting machine?
thanks Bob


this should be easy to do- it’s the exact same equipment, just
move the arm out of the way and roll on…Sometimes i use the 6"
Crystal cut discs my father in law used to use on his faceting
machine to rough out stones. I think it’s easier to cut large,
flatter stones on the flat surfaces. Have fun- A. Stickney

Why not.Better for flats,or low domes.Except you are using an
expensive piece of equipmnet to replace a simple motor &
rheostate arrangement.You can buy adaptors and flat disks from
Lapidary supply houses like Raytech to fit old washermachine
motors. If you get the disks with a rubber backing it will give
and do the rounded ones too.

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Hi Bob,

The main problem you might encounter is flat spots int grindind
and sanding. When cutting a cab, it’s desirable to have a
somewhat resilient surface, so that you get a nice curving
sanding surface, Faceting laps tend to be pretty rigid, and don’t
"give" to the curvature of the stone. You’ll either have to be
careful to keep the stone moving at all times, and sand
thoroughly, or get a pad to go under your sanding disks.

Food for thought,

Dave Sebaste