Cabochons sale by Pam Chott

I have just completed the initial launch of a new section of my
website and would like to invite all interested to take a look.

The new section is devoted to sales of cabochons. There are many
more cabs to shoot and add but about 1/3 are up now and I can advise
when all current inventory has been entered or email me offline to
request a personal email reminder.

The images are not all the same scale so next to each piece is a
vertical line measuring 1" with the 1/2" position marked as well.
This gives a point of reference for every stone and saves me the time
of recording and entering boat loads of dimensions. You may request
more precise measurements of specific stones if necessary.

Access the cabochons via navigation links on the main site:

or enter the new section here:

I welcome and appreciate all feedback.

Thanks to all who make this community so special and greatest
appreciation to Hanuman, Charles and Ton and their assistants.

My best,
Pam Chott

Wow! Congratulations, Pam! That’s a lot of stones. But-- when I
clicked on “buy”, nothing happened!Two “feedback” points, FWIW: At
least on my computer, the images are very dark, and it is hard to see
the details of the stones. More light-- and more contrast! And I kept
trying to click on them for a larger view-- you might want to provide
that option. Your prices seem so low-- I hope this does great for


Pam, I almost hit ‘buy’ on a few of them, but then didn’t because the
sizes were not specified. I see you have an ‘inch’ marker on most of
them,but sometimes its cut off and in photos with sets, the other
stones don’t have sizes. I like the overall dimensions - length,
width, height listed right there - its fairly customary - at least on
the online shops I order from. I think if you add those, you’ve got a
really nice thing going!


I ordered some very beautiful matching pairs - very good prices!
Can’t wait to see them in person.

I’m not expecting precise measurements for these types of stones - I
thought the measure was a good guide?


Thank you to all who have responded regarding the website update and
problems encountered.

I truly appreciate the time each of you has taken to check the site
and email me with your comments and kind words.

I’ve checked things out and have altered some code so that it
appears everything is now working right on Netscape. As time permits
will be working on some of the other suggestions as well.

Thank you all. Orchid rocks!
Pam in Mesa, AZ where we’re enjoying breezy spring weather.

Cabs are one of the things that do well on Etsy - might be a good
venue if you will be doing a lot of them :slight_smile:

Looks great!

That’s interesting to hear. I’m also working on getting some of my
cabs available for sale…but I deal with a lot of freeforms and
unusual stones…like good gem silica, blue opal, Norwegian stones
and all sorts of stuff. I wasn’t sure if Etsy was good for the high
end cabs or if it was mostly hobbiests. I’ve got a domain set up…I
just haven’t finished pricing and setting it up.


Hi Janice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your

I will be implementing a lot of the suggestions I’ve had as I upload
new inventory and the dimensions will be among them.

Since many of us who use one-off stones such as these fabricate all
the settings individually anyway, I presumed that having a general
idea of size would be sufficient. A few people have replied
otherwise. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you will find the newer inventory specs more appropriate
to your needs and will visit my website again. Would you like to be
notified when I have got most of that done?

My best,

A while back I announced the expansion of my website to include
cabochons for sale and expected to report the completion of those
pages soon after.

As a result of receiving many thoughtful comments and suggestions
from this group, the scope of the task was adjusted in order to apply
many of those suggestions: larger, brighter images, links to enlarged
images, actual stone dimensions vs using a scale in photo, etc.

All of the newer images have these features. Some of the original
cab images have been changed to the friendlier format and I will
continue to gradually update those remaining.

So, hundreds of additional cabochons later, I would like to announce
that I welcome your visits to my website and hope you will check it
out. Although I have a number of clean-up tasks still hanging, I
welcome any comments and suggestions for improvements.

Still in the works is a section where you may review stones and sets
that have already sold. This will be a reference for you to make
requests or “wishlists” for similar items/combos. Due to fickle
availability and the one of a kind nature of most cabochon material,
I can never guarantee that I’ll be able to fill a specific request
though I do hope to develop a friendly site for lovely stones/sets
and become something of a “personal shopper” for those makers who
cannot themselves attend the gem shows. Your input and requests will
be valuable to me in planning future merchandise purchases or cutting

I would like to express my gratitude to Hanuman and all the Orchid
do-ers who make this forum what it is and who provide the opportunity
for us to participate. Additionally, I want to thank all who have
assisted me in this venture by generously taking their time to write
and share their impressions, suggestions, encouragement and business.

With much appreciation,

Pam Chott