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Cabochons on cuff bracelets


Thanks so much everyone for the info on forming/shaping cuff
bracelets. I also think a thread on different ways to put cabochons
onto the cuff surface would be helpful to me and maybe to others. So
far, I have soldered two lengths of 1/2 round wire with the flat
side on the underside of the bezel and then soldered the rounded
side of the wire to the cuff. That leaves the stone raised up off
the surface of the cuff. What about ways to put the cabochon flat
onto the surface other than just leaving a section of the cuff
"unshaped", i.e., flat. J. S. Ellington


Another alternative for making cuffs is casting. Making a wax model
opens up all kinds of possibilities for design and the use of stones,
set in a variety of ways. Joel Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb