Cable neckwires

Hello all: I am looking for a source for sterling cable neckwires
(braided flexible wire), on which beads can be strung. I want a
small diameter, around 1 to 1 1/2 mm. The problem I am having with
most I can find is that the clasp on the end is too thick for the
beads I want to use to pass over. Even the smallest clasps end up
being around 2 1/2 mm. I have checked out Rio already; not exactly
what I want. I know about Chris’s Cables too. I also need to keep
the cost down; and everything I have found is around $5 each. These
will not be expensive pieces. If I could buy the cable by the foot
somewhere, that would eliminate the “over the clasp” problem, and I
would gladly put on the clasps myself.

Any suggestions? Thanking you in advance…

Linnea Lahlum