Cabachon Gemstone Identification Project

All, I sell a lot of cabochon cut In the past couple of
years my customers have started to show a distinct interest in
knowing the name of the stone and where it was found. For instance
customers no longer want to know that it is a banded agate from
Arizona. They want to know that it is a Saddle Mountain Agate. I
get the same questions on agates, jaspers, chalcedony, etc from
locations all over Earth. I know this is a huge project when
undertaken for the whole Earth. If each Rock and Gem club would
undertake this project for their state, province, governance, etc.,
the project would be manageable. Someone could compile the
pictures, descriptions, and areas into a book or online data base.
This project would be of eternal value for all lovers of rocks and
minerals. Think about it. Gem and Mineral Societies are always
preaching that they are in the hobby for the love of the hobby.
Here is a chance for you to prove it.

Gerry Galarneau

There is a site online that is helpful on the agates. It is by Roger Pabian.
Also, when Si and Ann Frasier get the book they are working on on
quartz finished I am sure it will be very helpful. Sincerely, Rose
Alene McArthur @O_B_McArthurs