[CA] Jewelry equipment for sale


I live in the bay area and am selling high quality jewelry
equipment! I no longer design jewelry full time and need to sell some
of my equipment as we do not have the room.

All equipment has only been used by me and is in stellar shape!
Mostly bought from Rio Grande or Otto Frei

I have a list below of some items. If there is anything in
particular you need let me know and I will get back to you if I have
it. If you live in the bay area you are welcome to come take a look
before purchasing!

I can send images upon request.

  • Electric Durston double combination Rolling Mill

  • Sand Blaster

  • Raytech Vibratory Finisher with flow through system - including
    shot & polishing compounds

  • Casting equipment (torch, clay melting crucible, gloves. graphite
    sealing rods)

  • Various tools & equipment

Please e-mail me at [@Lauren_Dils] if you are

Thank you!
Lauren Dils


Can you provide details about the Raytec vibratory finisher? What
size? What does it weigh? What is the diameter or dimensions of the
bowl? How old? I have a small business but before Christmas I make a
lot of small items to sell. And, the cost, please.

I live in Hampton, NH but but I have good friends in Marin and
relatives in Reno that I have not seen in some time so a trip is

Best, Mary A