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C.Z. Supplier

There is a little known producer of very high quality C.Z. in
Thailand. They have been cutting only Ceres Corp. rough for the
past 10 years, and selling mostly under the name ‘Diamonique’ on
TV. They use Jei Il indexed faceting machines from Korea, and
specialize in precision cutting and polishing on goods over 5mm.
They cannot compete, frankly, with Ordan, Golay Buchel, or the
other machine-cut goods under 5mm. Their quality of their stones
starts to stand apart in 6mm and up sizes. They have designed
all their own cutting patterns, laps, and polishing compounds,
to create a truly exceptional product. There are special faceting
patterns they have experimented with as well. Their prices,
however, are the highest in the world.

For those who are setting in gold, it may be worth the extra
expense to have this kind of precision.

These guys are friends of mine, and aren’t real good at
marketing, so I’m making a pitch on their behalf.

International Lapidaries Company Limited
807-809 Silom Road
Silom Shanghai Bldg., 3rd Floor
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Phone (662) 236-4470
FAX (662) 236-4811

Contact : Mr. Wanlop Tanakieit (a very educated and
technically oriented man, his English is exceptional as well -
easy to deal with…)

Scott Davies
G.P.G. Company Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
E-Mail : @Scott_Davies1
Phone : (662) 635-6323
Fax : (662) 635-6324

Is David Weinberg (also of Multi Colour Gems) still
involved with the company? I’ve purchased some of their CZ and it
is very well cut.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D Hamilton, Jr.

Shop rule: sailing is mandatory.