Bvlgari link cover

Hi all.
We have to make one of these small diamond set pieces which simply cover the joins between links in the bracelet. They are loose and not secured to any link. I am hoping that someone may confirm as to how the links are assembled. From my understanding the part that goes through the pearl could be a tube from one side and a wire from the other which are glued in place. The pearls are not free to spin but do have some movement.
My query is - how can I get a tight fit when repairing the worn ends and yet am able to cover these ends with the new part.
Any help will be appreciated. I will try and include a photo but have not done so in the past so patience please.


well, i do not have any knowledge on how the linkage was assembled…

i was having a stream of consciousness moment and thought of a few ways it could be done…

  1. the shield is put on last…as a 2 pc unit…front and back soldered together

2 the thinner U shaped wire at the point of the pear shaped link is fit into a groove on the inside/ point of the pear shaped link and soldered in after linking

  1. if there is sufficient clearance perhaps the thinner U shaped wire is soldered into the gap of the pear tip one one side, linked thru, and then soldered onto the other side of the pear tip

question: does the shield have one, or two openings at the top where the pear shaped link go into it?

it seems like the shield slides over the tube, and the little U at the end of the tube is linked to the pear shaped link, with the height of the tube being such that the shield does not slide up and down on the tube…


If the pearls are glued onto a tube and wire then the tube and wire should be threaded so the screw together inside the pearl, like a binding post. A touch of epoxy on the end of the tube keeps the two parts together and is more secure than glue alone.
First I’d soak the one pearl in acetone overnight to see if that will loosen the pearl on its post. Undyed pearls are safe in acetone. If the fixture comes apart, Bob’s your uncle.
Also, make sure those blue stones are safe in acetone. Eve if they are try to keep them out of it anyway.


i might be missing something…but…why would the tube unit need to be removed from the pearl…?

it seems like only the tube end link loop needs to be repaired…?…possibly with a welder or laser…?

the shield unit appears to then slide over the tube…?

it seems the question would be how to engineer and close the link of the pear end, to the tube end link loop…which sits somewhat inside the shield body…?…limited access…?



in a related note…i have been contemplating threaded connections for linked necklaces…and wonder if the potential rotating of the chain would un-screw or loosen the threaded units…


Apologies to those who answered the post for the belated response.

I took a deep breath and tried soaking the pearl in acetone overnight but there was no evidence of shifting the pearl - so far in my career I have only used hot water to soften glue on pearls. With this not working I am left with drilling the wire out of the pearl and reconstructing that or doing a lot of ground work before assembly in building up the worn links and with the limited space available inside the diamond set cover lasering the last link closed. At this point I will probably opt for the latter.

Will let you know how we get on. Thanks


i was just thinking…perhaps instead of trying to laser the ink closed inside the shield…consider constructing the pear link and its thinner end wire as separate pieces

bend the thinner end wire into a tight V
loop it onto the tube end
then thread/ slide the shield down onto the V wire/ tube
feeding the ends of the V wire thru the 1 or 2 openings at the top of the shield
then flare open the V wire

groove the inside surface of the pear end point
seat/ tension fit the wire into the grooves

weld/ laser the thin wire into the pear
easier access to the weld area


Thanks for the replies from some and consideration by others. We got this done not by dismantling the pearl links but lasering deep into the diamond set piece. Unfortunately between finishing and delivery there was no time to take a photo but I was very happy (considering I do not generally bead set stones) and as yet have not had any complaints (no compliments either but these are rare from customers anyway).

Take care,