Buying trim saw for slabs

I am considering picking up a “cheap” little saw for the primary
purpose of trimming 1/4" slabs. I’ve been considering two different

a) Inland swaptop trim saw (~$125-170)
b) Lapcraft’s L’il Trimmer (~$200)

I was wondering whether any one had any experience with either of
these (or had other recommendations. My current saw is a 10" saw
that I run in oil, and I was looking for something that I could run
with water, to cut down the mess some.

Any suggestions?


For trimming I have been using a diamond band saw. I find it gives me
more flexibility than the circular and I get better use of my
material. The mess is less than oil, but I still get a puddle.


Sam…hows about going to the local Home Depot and picking up a
tile saw for about $80 or $90. Thats what I use for trimming!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2.

Hay Sam, the little 4 inch saws are for small,valuable materials.I
have a 14,10, and 8 inch saws,the 8 inch with a thin blade is my main
slab trimmer, which I work 8 hours at a time and she dose great. For
coolant I have used it all over 40 years and have settled for
“low-tox” antifreeze in all my saws, NOT etheline glycol but
etheline-poly “stuff” Sorry I dont want to run to the shop to check
spelling. I caught in an article in Rock& Gem mag. that mentioned
that NASA cut the moon rocks with it so I tryed it and like it. I do
catch "low-tox’ and not “non-tox” but how cool are the oils.My
second choice for coolant would be mineral oil. If your cutting
quater inch material, Go for the 8 inch. The antifreeze is avail. at
any auto parts store, 10 to 12 bucks a gallon.


Sam....hows about going to the local Home Depot and picking up a
tile saw for about $80 or $90. Thats what I use for trimming! 

I had thought about doing this for a second trim saw until I looked
at a tile saw and found that the blade is about 10 times as thick as
my trim saw. I would think you would get a lot of wasted material.


There is no need to buy a new say. Just buy a saw blade to run in
water, Try Kingsley north at 1-800 338 9280. This should cost you
about 55-60 dollars.

Hi Sam,

I bought a HiTech 5" trim saw at one of the InterGem shows. He had
used it as his demo all weekend, so I got it at a discount,.

I made the slot the saw is in about an inch bigger and use a 6"
blade in it. (Do so at your own risk…) Lots of power from the

It is super easy to clean, real quite, multi speed, easy to change
the blades, and you can also get a guide for the right hand side to
automatically feed long pieces.

I use ultra thin blades for cutting semi precious stones, and also
use a heavy duty sintered blade for fast cutting of agate and quartz.
I absolutely love it. I use water in it, and use a Kitchen Basting
Syringe (with a bulb on top) to remove the water after cutting so the
blade wont rust.

Its got a ‘pocket’ on top to store stones that have been cut or that
need cutting.

I found that Kingsley North sells them on their web site. Good
company, I’ve bought from them for years. If they don’t have the
guide and you need one, they go to the manufacturer for you. I don’t
know who else carries them, but you might be able to find another
dealer if you look.

Love and God Bless