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Buying Silver / Jewellery Tools in Canada

On the subject of silver, where do other Canadians buy their
silver and their jewellery tools in Canada. I’ve heard of plenty
of great American companies, but with duty and the free-falling
Canadian dollar, it’s not really an option.

There is a local company I deal with “Capilano Rock and Gem” that
I’m very happy with, but I would like to hear about companies and
how people have liked dealing with them.

One company I have heard of is “Habson’s” but I’ve never dealt
with them and don’t know much about them.


Rita Mikusch
Lotus Land (ie. Vancouver, British Columbia – this is probably a Canadian

Hi Rita, I’ve been dealing with Capalino, Habson’s & even
"shudder" Page & Wilson for twenty five years. I buy stones from
Capalino, metal from Imperial, tools from either Habson’s or
Capilano, and nothing from P & W. Also check out Rio Grand for all
the above. They are great, and have an on-line site where to order
their cataloges. Back to your question, Imperial is where Capilano
gets their silver. Till next time, Craig (in Victoria, three weeks
ahead of Vancouver)

Rita: I am glad that you asked. I’ve been trying to get ahold of
a company where I can purchase enamelling supplies as well as a
small kiln. At the beginning of Dec. I phoned Mercedes Ceramic
Supplies in Woodbridge Ontario. The owner called me back in
January and promised to send catalogues…I called back last week
as I still don’t have them and he said that his secretary had
mailed one a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t sound as though he
remembered me so I have now reached the decision that this company
may be unreliable. I would really appreciate hearing
from some other people with suitable sources. Thank you!


For tools I used to deal with Page & Wilson in the mid to late
eighties, at that time they were at

            330 West Pender St., 
            Vancouver, B.C.
            V6B 3K2 

for gold and silver try

           Imperial Smelting & Refining
           451 Denision St.
           Markham, Ont.
           L3R  1B7

Both have been around for a long time and I have found them to be
very dependable most of the time.

Check you local Yellow Pages …“Lotus Land” is waist deep in
jewellers and thier suppliers Feel free to e-mail me of list if you
need more info.

Doug Canivet

Lindsay, Ontario

Nautilus Arts & Crafts does mail order across Canada and around the
world You can e-mail them at for a
jewelry or lapidary catalogue. Phone number is 1-800-472-2275
within Canada. You can find an American 800# on their web page at Why do I know this? I work there! Karen

Nice to have a bit of Canadian content here !!!

I live in Calgary. I deal with two local suppliers. Ken’s Gems in
Calgary for most of my tools. They have excellent stock and are
generally priced as good as or better than anyone else I have
checked out in Canada. I also buy some of my stones and findings

I buy most of my sterling findings at Bedrock in Edmonton. They
have a decent stock and have very fair prices.

I have also mail ordered from RIO. They are very dependable, but
the exchange rate hurts.

Milt Fischbein