Buying silver and gold beads in Bali

I am still hoping to get an address for buying silver and gold
beads in! 


Kimarie Designs
909 Marina Village Pkway Nr. 143
Alameda, Calif 94501
Phone 510-522-5085
Fax   510-522-5086

In the February Tucson Show at GJX Booth # 108

She used to go to Bali several times a year. She may have slowed down
a bit since she recently had a baby.

No connection to her business. They are in the booth in front of mine
at the GJX in the February Tucson Show and she buys stones from me.
And while we sometimes do no business at all some days at the show,
they are always lining up customers at their booth.

Best regards,
Robert Lowe
Lowe Associates - Brasil
Gemstones, Rough, Specimens
Tucson - February 2 - 7, 2005 - GJX # 205
e-fax: 1-240-757-6022
e-mail: USA < >
e-mail: Brasil < @Robert_P_Lowe_Jr1 >