Buying secondhand software

Was: Selling casting equipment)

I would say eBay, Craigslist. I am looking to buy The Matrix
software from Gemvision from anyone who isn't using the program
anymore even if it's an older version. Never know your casting
equipment if still around might come in handy. If anyone has the
software or knows of anyone let me know ASAP, thx 

Before investing in a piece of used software, check with the
manufacturer about their policy on license transfers. It might be
fine with them, but often they will want a sometimes hefty) fee to
authorize it, or may prohibit it entirely.

Unlike say, casting equipment, the “first sale” doctrine has been
held not to apply to software. Manufacturers have persuaded US courts
that software is only “licensed” to a particular user, not sold
outright, and even though you may be the legal owner of it, you don’t
have the right to sell or transfer it to another party without their
authorization. So you could find yourself stuck with a piece of code
that can’t be registered, updated, or supported, and that might stop
working altogether.

Andrew Werby